Health Retreats

May 2021

Retreat Overview

Health retreats will be offered featuring a disease (such as types of cancer).  The retreat will provide an in-depth discussion and education on the disease, how it functions in the body, what to eat and not eat, knowledge on herbs and supplements, and what can be done within the body to counter the disease. Included in the cost of the retreat, you will be given tools specific to aiding in your understanding of the featured disease and how it affects your body. 

Coffee Break

Historic & Peaceful Location

Also included in the cost of the retreat, you will be provided a beautiful, historic room at the Ouray Manor (surrounded by tranquil gardens, mountains and wildlife), a breakfast and lunch specific to helping heal the featured disease, including cooking classes and disease specific guidance on how to order food at local, delicious restaurants in Ouray.

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Walking to dinner would be encouraged as well as several exercise classes offered throughout the week (including short walks to waterfalls and yoga), and you will get the opportunity three evenings in the week to relax in the healing waters of the natural Hot Springs located in Ouray, Colorado and used for centuries by the Native Americans. 


Emotional & Spiritual Counselor

Lastly, included in the price of your retreat will be an emotional and spiritual counselor, available as often as needed on a first come first serve basis by appointment.

Girls in a Coffee Shop

Meet Our Team


Kent Hinkson

Health Guru

Kent’s Story

Melanie Hinkson

Colon Cancer Survivor

Melanie’s Story

Amber Cunningham

Event Coordinator

Amber is helping coordinate this retreat for Kent and Melanie so that they can help educate others on health knowledge. Amber was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer in 2000 and within two months of learning from Kent and Melanie she was able to drop her cancer markers 17%, shrink the size of her tumors dramatically, and had increased energy and mental clarity.  Amber would now like to pay it forward and connect others to Kent and Melanie for knowledge about health so that you have the knowledge to save your life from deadly diseases too!

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Retreat Dates, Rates, & Availability

May 2-9:  Breast Cancer ($3,999/person)
May 9-16:  TBD 

May 16-23:  TBD

Each retreat starts on Sunday with a check in between 3-5pm and concludes Sunday at 9am.

We only have 6 rooms available on a first come first serve basis.  However three of the rooms sleep 2 people and the other three rooms sleep 4 people, therefore if you have friends with a similar interest, they may join you and get a 15% discount.  Overall it is a great learning experience, will be very enjoyable and fun, and will improve your health just by being a part of our health retreat!


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